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"I make pop music for the theatre kids."

Toronto-based independent pop artist and singer-songwriter Yan Simon defines his genre as Pop music for the Theatre Kids.

Inspired by timeless visionary artists such as ABBA, Lady Gaga, and Freddie Mercury, Yan Simon creates a unique pop sound that can be described as decadent and theatrical. It’s hard not to take note of Yan’s musical theatre background when listening to his music; it is obvious from his charismatic delivery, his storytelling lyrics, and memorable, infectious toplines.

Yan Simon discovered music at the age of five, when his mom taught him the basics of piano. He then enrolled in music school where he received classical training for seven years before moving to Canada.
Yan started song-writing in high school. He found comfort in making music and using metaphors to talk about his life at times where he felt alone. 
It wasn't until Yan was in university that he was tasked with writing an 11-track score for an original musical play. The score received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience, which inspired Yan to pursue a solo career as a musician.

Since 2020 Yan Simon released a studio album, an EP, four singles, five music videos, and has been regularly performing solo in Toronto open mics, earning the reputation of a powerful live vocalist. Yan often plays his original songs, as well as acoustic piano renditions by Lady Gaga, Queen, Elton John, and more.

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