Whenever I perform live, whether an original or a cover, there's always somebody who walks up to me and says "Are you in musical theatre??"

And that sums me up pretty well.


Yan Simon is a singer, songwriter, and pop-artist based in Toronto.
Yan Simon immigrated to Canada in 2010 and has been writing, recording and releasing pop music independently since 2020.
Yan’s brand of pop is inspired by musical theater and dramatic performance - he is a theater kid through and through.


In 2020 Yan released his first studio album titled ‘Are There Any Rules?’. This is a collection of alternative, indie, and electro-pop songs documenting, among other things, Yan’s experience of losing his dad, growing up queer, and living with depression.


Since then Yan released an EP titled ‘DAYDREAM’, and the singles ‘Hero’, ‘Clear Lines’, and, most recently, 'Hey Boy' - a fun, youthful love song inspired by his long-distance relationship with his boyfriend.

Yan Simon regularly performs in Toronto at every open mic he can carry his keyboard to. He plays acoustic versions of his original songs, as well as covers by Lady Gaga, Queen, Elton John, and more. His rich baritone and sharp eyeliner all tell the same story: love who you are, and inspire others to do the same.

Yan Simon