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Are There Any Rules?


August 1 2020

Are There Any Rules? is Yan Simon's debut studio album. It was recorded in Toronto and released in August of 2020.

It deals with themes of insecurity, queerness, identity struggles, and overcoming tragedy. It is comprised of nine original songs, all penned by Yan. 

Inspired by musical theatre, pop-rock legends such as ABBA, Lady Gaga, and Elton John, the album delivers a story from naivety to clarity, strong, raw vocals, and cinematic production.

Are There Any Rules? is a collection of personal stories. The cinematic soft-rock 'Preparing for the Fall', for instance, deals with insecurities in a new relationship, the dark-pop 'project X' is about growing up gay in a heteronormative, conservative culture, and the raw piece 'Marathon' deals with depression.
Listen to the album on your preferred streaming app here.

Yan Simon worked with multi-instrumentalist and producer Dima Graziani on this record, as well as guitar player Eric St-Laurent, who is featured on two tracks.

In an effort to share the artistic process behind creating his debut album, Yan built the 
Are There Any Rules? Online Experience.
It includes lyrical breakdowns, raw vocal recordings and early song drafts, exclusive downloads, and more.
Delve into the making of this album
right here


Are There Any Rules? is available on CD and vinyl. Order your very own copies right here.
Your package will include a handwritten personalized note from Yan.

Your support is immensely appreciated!

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