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Written and performed by Yan
Produced by Dima Graziani

"All I ever seem to do is wrong you"

The Story 
The Process
I recorded this little demo in August of 2019, when Guilty was nothing more than a concept, and the only solid lyrics were "in the line of fire".
Guilty Lyrics
Guilty demos
Illustrated Medical Heart
Colored Droplets
Later that same week, I recorded the first draft of the chorus on my phone.
20190911-DSC_4139 (2).jpg
20190911-DSC_4139 (1).jpg
This is a little glimpse from a session with Eric St-Laurent, who plays guitar on Guilty.
This was taken in Dima Graziani's studio, on a chilly September afternoon.
Acoustic Version
Colored Droplets
Electric Guitar
Music Video
Guilty MV
Bucket & Spade
Guilty stream
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