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Written and performed by Yan
Produced by Dima Graziani

"Lionheart, you can fight it!"

Lionhear Lyrics
Paint Abstract Green
Abstract Colors 4
Paint Abstract Pink
Paint Abstract Blue
Lionheart demos
The Process
August 2017: The Waves was born
August 2018: A year later I recorded the first full demo of The Waves on my phone.
August 2018: I decided to finally write a bridge!..but it wasn't very good, so it didn't make the final version.
Lionheart acoutic
Acoustic Performance
Linheart LV
Lyric Video
Still no bridge in sight...
But it made it here :)

"I did not feel 'free just like a child' when I was writing it.

But I wanted to. And that's what matters."

Paint Abstract Blue
Linheart Stream
Wavy 3D Net
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