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"project X"

Written and performed by Yan
Produced by Dima Graziani

"It passes and it goes, the rhythm never slows"

Ripple Effect
Dry Leaf
The Story
project X lyrics
Ripple Effect
project X dems
The Process
Hand Mirror
Sketch Arrow
This is that same melody played on piano, in it's near-final version. I recorded this on May 23rd of 2018.
Inception: May 2018. I came up with this
melody and hummed it into my phone while at a conference for camp counselors.
This melody started it all, and eventually became the bridge of project X.
"Do You Ever Wonder" was taking shape.
I recorded this piano demo on my phone in May of 2018.
Crystal Rock
Ripple Effect
Dry Leaf
The vocal recording sessions for project X started in October of 2019. This was the sixth song to be produced for the album.
projct X stream
Scribble 2
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